…and creating stories with words and visuals at TUSH magazine – the premium independent magazine for art, beauty and fashion. From extensive features, intelligent interviews and essays for the print issue, up-to-date articles for Tush online to managing the social media channels, I’m shaping inspiring content for every output. I’m analysing trends and ingredients alike – to find out what’s really innovative and how we’ll see beauty and ourselves in the future.
My aim is to take beauty to another level, to entertain and inspire.

Working with national and international creative and trend agencies such as Flamingo and Trendbüro, I’m versed in consulting and brand-, product- and content-development  – on- and offline.

My background:
I studied fashion journalism and media communication, former employer include Gala, Life&Style and Flair, and Maxi. I sharped my skills in creating modern, creative, on-point stories for a wide audience. Nevertheless, I kept writing for international independent publications such as Electronic Beats and Spanish Neo2.

My personal project: Ten Things To Do
With TTTD I created a digital travelguide focused on design- and insider hot-spot around the world.  It’s not only meant to be an inspiration, but also a hands-on guide with aesthetically pleasing yet practical content.

This website shows a selection of published works and is currently updated.