Laura DunkelmannAs a journalist specialised in fashion, beauty, design, music, travel and urban culture, Laura Dunkelmann knows about the good stuff.

After studying fashion journalism and being a freelance stylist and author, Laura started as a lifestyle editor at Gala, where she produced and wrote travel-, design- and food-stories. Besides her regular editor work, she developed new concepts both for editorial content as well as brand new magazine ideas.

Nevertheless, she kept writing for international subculture publications such as Electronic Beats and Spanish Neo2 and local magazines like Szene Hamburg. She was also a regular contributor to the fashion-blog Nahtlos.

Working with national and international creative and trend agencies such as Flamingo International she also gained experience in consulting and brand development.

After being the deputy fashion and beauty director of Life & Style and Intouch, beauty editor at Gala, she arrived at the beauty department of FLAIR magazine, were she became deputy beauty director and music editor for both the print and online publication. Recently, she was in the development-team of new glamour-zine Gala Look, launcing mid-November. Now she arrived in the beauty department of lovely Maxi.

This website shows a selection of published articles plus productions and is currently updated.